Holistic Therapies

One-to-One Healing Meditation with Dana Cohen

This is a personalized guided and interactive meditation, that is entirely catered to you and your goals. (No previous meditation experience required)

It may be healing mediation, emotional release work, chakra and energy activation, inner guidance and higher self connection, finding your life path, spirit journeying, law of attraction or manifesting work, and much more.

1 hour session : £38


Holistic Hypnosis with Dana

This is a holistic and highly advanced form of hypnosis. There are many available options including: emotional and physical (self) healing, past traumas, relationship issues, direct subconscious and Higher Self communication, past life regression, spirit guide communication, and more.

This is designed for your advancement and overall upliftment.

An initial session is four hours, and this may be split to two parts (2hrs + 2hrs). Here I spend time getting to know you, then during the hypnosis part I directly apply what I have learned from you, it possible to deal with things in depth, to get the best results. This is a unique opportunity to rapidly advance according to your intent for the session. Any subsequent session can be two hours long.

Initial Session: 4 hours – £150  | Subsequent sessions:  2 hours £75

Personal Coaching with Dana

In personal coaching sessions, I offer coaching for spiritual growth, working out your life path, manifesting your reality (law of attraction), relationship issues, career progress, spiritual advancement, and more. This is a great way to progress successfully towards your goals.

1 hour session : £45


Hands-on Energy Healing with Dana

The energy healing involves deep relaxation, and hands-on energy work to the body, to assist with blocks or physical issues, as well as low energy. The closest thing to it is Reiki, although it is a different way of doing things.

45 min session: £33


Group Meditation with Dana

Group meditation events take place at Northgate Holisitcs on a regular basis on Thursday evenings, and Tuesday mornings. Here I talk about various topics, and run guided meditations. Also, if you wish, you may form your own group, and I will run sessions for you, with a minimum of three people. There are also longer workshop, on Sunday mornings. Please CLICK HERE for details and to book.



Please feel free to call 07716-104674, to book your session, or for any inquiries.  [info@northgateholistics.com]

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