Friday 15th November 2019: 6:00- 6:45 pm

with Dana Cohen at Northgate Holistics

FREE EVENT : pre-booking only -limited spaces



Group meditation event @ Northgate Holistics on Friday 15th November @6:00-6:45pm
This is a free event: Please email: info@northgateholistics.com or contact 07716104674 if you would like to join.
This is a fully guided meditation, and no previous experience with meditation is necessary.
The location is 53 The Northgate, Peebles, the Scottish Borders, EH45 8BU.
I look forward to seeing you there!

World Peace is Possible:
A single human being can do so much
Collectively we are powerful
We can be free of all the wars: There’s a peaceful future for humanity if we want it.
All it takes is enough people setting the intent and believing in it.

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