Wellness Products

Find a wonderful range of natural wellness products at Northgate Holistics… and so reasonably priced:

Exquisite high quality natural skincare products. These include, hand and body butter, body lotion, shower gel, bath & shower cream, dead sea salts with essential oil blends, body scrub, soap bars, shampoo bars, moisturizing body oil blends, and lip balm.

Find incredible crystal specimens…

Crystals have healing properties according to traditional methods: Interesting crystal-based healing tools and products

A beautiful range of rose quartz gemstone products is available here too:

Rose quartz has healing energies, and is known as the LOVE CRYSTAL

These include feel-good solid rose quartz crystal lamps, and tealight holders (also available in white quartz).

Discover a wide range of semi-precious gemstones with a variety of metaphysical and healing properties

Natural incense with stunning scents

Incense gift sets & chakra products

A huge variety of smudges and herbs: sage, palo santo, and so much more

Beautiful natural plant wax candles with essential oils: travel candles too

Salt lamps emit a beautiful warm glow, as so they make great feel –good lamps.

These also ease allergies, help people breathe better, according to traditional and alternative approaches.

…a range of health & wellness Himalayan salt products including, bath salts, mineral-rich soaps/deodorants, burners, tea-light holders and inhalers

Enjoy aromatherapy with essential oils, base oils and blends

A large range of shampoo bars, that are Eco-friendly as well as healthy for your hair, and surprisingly pleasant to use

These natural artisan soap bars are just the thing for a lovely wonderful experience. They are high quality bars that look and smell divine. -Available in many different scents.
Using soap bars greatly reduces plastic waste: These are also packing free & Eco-friendly.

These are just the thing for anyone looking for a high quality bath fizz that looks and smells great. Jumbo bath bombs have lashings of Shea Butter to give that ultra luxurious bath experience. All so reasonably priced at Northgate Holistics