Holistic Therapies

Holistic sessions on offer include meditation, hypnosis, life coaching, and energy healing. Meditation has such far-reaching benefits, that every individual should have the opportunity to try it, and this is on offer at very reasonable cost. One-to-one healing and transformative meditation sessions are available at Northgate Holsitics, as well as group sessions.  Advanced holistic hypnosis is practiced here, and this is extremely powerful, providing rapid progress.

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Welcome to Northgate Holistics

This is a new shop in the picturesque Scottish Borders town of Peebles (53 the Northgate). It is all about natural wellness for mind body & spirit. A range of plant, mineral and crystal-based natural products are sold here, and meditation, hypnosis and coaching are offered as holistic therapies. A core value is to offer products and holistic sessions at very affordable prices. Please drop by for a visit!

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Wellness Products

The natural world contains so much that prevents disease, and is healthful for us. The power of plants, minerals, and crystals is only beginning to be tapped into, or really revived again from ancient traditions. So Plant, mineral and crystal-based products are available here at Northgate Holistics. Included are essential oils, aromatherapy products, natural skincare, and candles. Salt and crystal lamps which which give positive energy, and also chakra products, and meditation tools. Also stocked here are shamanic tools such as smudges, incense, resins, and clearing sprays.

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